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RBK3110 Alltrack 130 GripWalk pohjalla

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Alltrack 130 GW -All Mountain mono

  • GRIPWALK® pohja
  • 102mm lesti
  • Kevyt
  • Dual Core
  • Kävelyasento (Hike / ski mode)
  • Thinsulate stretch

Tarkka tuotekuvaus

Explore the whole mountain. From the back bowls to beyond the gates, the Alltrack 130 GW is designed to ski it all. The Generative Design Grid shell is engineered for reduced weight and full power transmission on-piste or off and everywhere in between. It features a forgiving 102mm last and a releasable cuff that offers a natural range of motion for hiking. The pre-shaped liner includes Thinsulate™ insulation for added warmth and is thermo-moldable for a custom fit.

The model is pre-mounted with Gripwalk heelpieces to allow easier walking.

Regular Fit
Regular fit features a 102mm last for a forgiving anatomical feel regardless of foot shape

Lightweight, Full Power
Generative Design Grid minimizes boot wall thickness for the most effective use of material to reduce weight and enhance power transfer

Better Skiability, Better Fit
Dual Core technology provides targeted power transmission and shell wrapping, resulting in livelier rebound, response and control

Optimized Hike Mode
The lower boot shell is designed to offer a 50-degree range of motion in walk mode for efficient touring and maximum power for skiing when in ski mode

Full Custom Comfort, Anatomic Fit
Pre-shaped full custom liners offer anatomic ankle support and 100% customizable for enhanced comfort, precision, and power transmission

Insulated Warmth and Support
Thinsulate™ Stretch insulates while providing enhanced foot support for better skiability

GRIPWALK® Compatible (sold separately)
GRIPWALK® soles feature a rubber tread and rockered toe for a more natural walking motion and increased traction


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