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Shipping to Russia

We offer know how in the field of alpine racing and sell quality racing equipment to a wide network of customers in Finland, Baltics and now also to Russia. Together with wCargo (Russian post in Scandinavia) we can deliver goods with parcel or EMS to areas in the map below. With EMS from 1-8 business days and days with the Parcel service in 2-22 business days.

In 2020 Russian consumers are allowed to order online without customs fees in case the value of the purchased products stays under 200 euros (and under 31 kg). Note that shipping costs are excluded from this value.

As for value overseeding 200 euros a fee of 15% will be added by the Russian customs. In case the shipped products weight is more than 31 kg customs will add 2 euro/ kg for the exceeding weight. In case both the weight and value of 200 are exceeded then the customs will charge according to the more valuable option.

Cross-border trading is VAT-free and the customer is accountable for all charges added by the Russian customs.

We typically ship after receiving payment or according to separat agreement/ arrangement like for example receiving payment via Pay-Pal.

For example in case you wish to order a pair of skis the pricing calculation could look as follows:

Since every purchase is unique and the below example will not cover every case, pleas leave any questions here (link to contact form). Your order will be handled outside the web-shop system.