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HERO Master (R21 WC) AXIAL3 150 RockerFlex , pituudet 180

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180/21M550.00 €0 kpl
The new HERO MASTER is a super-charged Masters GS racing weapon. Featuring real-deal World Cup race room construction, the new WC GS Master is available in four new sizes with fun, aggressive sidecuts: 170cm (Radius: 16m) 175cm (Radius: 18m), 180cm (Radius: 21m), 185cm (Radius: 23). New Prop Technology provides more adaptive torsional flex for increased control, smoother turn initiation, superior power transfer, and improved edge contact. Power Turn tip rocker speeds turn initiation for faster, more aggressive lines while new rounded tips improve swing weight and inertia, putting the ski on edge even faster. Cascade Tip technology improves swing weight and delivers full edge contact while World Cup titanal sandwich construction and the R21 WC race plate delivers rock-solid stability, balance and power. 100% Racing Int. Binding: SPX 15 Rockerflex

Tuote: RRE02DJ


Side : SPX 15 Rockerflex
Pituudet: 170/16M, 175/18M, 180/21M,185/23M