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HERO FIS GS 182/175/170(R22 WC) side SPX15

Hinta:680.00 €


182 +side 8-15 DIN2 kpl
175 +side 8-15 DIN2 kpl
170 +side 8-15 DIN1 kpl
The Hero Athlete GS185cm is aimed at younger, high-level racers getting ready to make the transition from the junior program to the FIS circuit. With an adapted size and radius (185cm for 27m Please note it is not in the FIS regulations). Construction is identical to our WC FIS standard skis, but with a more tolerant 27m radius, making it easier to operate and grow into FIS level. The Hero Athlete GS185 is aimed at all future heroes.

As it is the identical construction to our WC FIS standard skis it is built with our Line Control Technology (LCT) which minimizes the vibrations of the ski for optimal control of the trajectory and unmatched stability. A whole new level of power and precision while driving the line.

Optimal edge control.
The rectangular sidewall offers grip, precision and power perfectly suited to the race.

Sensation of fluidity and power.
The titanium layers absorb vibrations and transmit energy back to the ski.

Competition proven stability.
The ash wood core limits vibrations to provide competition proven snow contact and stability.

Tuote: RAJGF01

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